Data Recovery Portsmouth


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Just bought a new Apple iMac and a Macbook Pro from these people and the service was no more than what I expected, exemplary as having dealt with them for several years they have always been courteous, helpful and very much technically able.

It certainly makes you realise why after a decade or so, 19 Computing is still for me the No 1 place to go with any computer problems with whatever Operating system I use. It is of course self evident as they are still very much in operation where as over the years so many others have just been and gone.

I have also noticed their stickers on the backs of PC’s in a couple of the colleges I have been to, so clearly they are in the business sector as well.

It maybe worth mentioning as well that both my children have used them for a very fast turn around with their mobile phones - new screens fitted.

Would I recommend them ...... already have done on so many occasions

Mike Beel July 29, 2017

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Took my broken laptop in and they fixed it within 2 hours (paying an extra £25 for same day service) they fixed it and tidied up the interior so 5 stars to them!

Matt Harris July 29, 2017