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Sometimes hard drives have failed to the point where conventional in house data recovery methods are just not possible. Generally this will be because the hard drive has mechanically failed to the point that it would require it to be disassembled and parts replaced in the drive and this must be done in a clean room. The reason for this being is that any dust particles that get into the sealed drive would damage the drive further. Fortunately we can offer clean room recovery. This service does generally take up to about 2 weeks although this time can be expressed for a surcharge if it is an emergency. Pricing varies on the state of the drive and parts required and we would advise this upon inspection or after deciding that the recovery cannot be carried out in  house.

USB Stick

USB Stick failed in operation, or even if its been snapped in half we have a high success rate of recovery.
On less disastorous hard drive failures we simply charge a fixed fee of £39.95. If it becomes apparent the problem is more serious or we need to send it to a clean room we will advise all costs before you proceed.


If your PC or laptop no longer boots it is often due to a hard drive failure. Simply bring the laptop or pc to our store and we will attempt recovery of the data first. We will then offer you repair options to bring your machine back to life.

Phone and Tablet

Need data recovering from your Mobile Phone or Tablet? We can help. Whether you have accidently erased your data or perhaps your mobile device is no longer working, we can recover that all important data for you.

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