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Laptop Data Recovery

Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from laptops. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.

Software Fault £249

2-3 Days

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Laptop Recovery from software to mechanical Problems:

Laptops and Notebooks need recovered from various failures including mechanical and software faults. It is important to get the laptop or notebook diagnosed by a data recovery specialist . We have 15 years experience in recovering from failed Laptop hard drives . Laptop hard drives can fail for different reasons including read/write errors when you are writing or copying data from the laptop, laptop freezes or crashes, question mark when laptop boots or laptop does not get beyond the bios screen, clicking noises from laptop, buzzing noises from laptop, water damage, fire damage. We can recover data from all these types of problems, below is details of the most common faults we receive in for Laptop recovery:

Laptop Hard Disk Recovery

Laptop Recovery – Mechanical or Physical Failure:

Laptop mechanical failure occurs when there is a physical fault with one of the components inside the hard drive casing. A laptop hard drive contains moving components inside the hard drive consisting of disk platters (stores your data), motor (spins the disk platters), read/write heads (reads the data from disk platters). A laptop hard drive can have mechanical failures for different reasons, laptop was dropped onto a floor, water damage, fire damage or mechanical damage can happen through years of wear and tear on the hard drive. We have a high success rate for recovery from mechanically damaged hard drives.

Laptop Recovery – Electronic Failure:

Laptop electronic failure occurs when the electronic components on the hard drive fail. Often these electronic components burn out on the PCB on the hard drive. There can be a burning smell or hard drive can be completely dead when there is an electronic failure. We carry 1000’s of PCB’s for all makes and models of hard drives. We have a high success rate for recovery from electronic damaged hard drives.

Laptop Recovery – Firmware Failure:

Laptop firmware failure is a result of the firmware software code failing on the hard drive. Manufacturers of hard drives use firmware on hard drives to make them work, these are the basic commands to instruct a hard drive to spin up, get recognised, hard drive capacity etc. Firmware code can reside on a chip on the PCB or can reside on the disk platters. When firmware gets corrupt your hard drive will spin up as normal but will not get recognised or will have incorrect capacity associated with the hard drive. We have a large database with 100,000+ hard drive firmware codes. We have a high success rate for recovery from firmware damaged hard drives.

Laptop Recovery – Running slowly of laptop freezing:

Laptop recovery from a laptop that is running slowly and is not allowing you to copy data from the hard drive means your laptop hard drive is degrading. This means the sectors on the hard drive where your data is stored are getting corrupt. This is the most common fault we receive in for recovery. Another issue associated with bad sectors is laptop freezing when you are using it. This is another sign that your system is degrading and that the sectors are becoming unreadable/un writable. We use the latest hardware imaging systems that enable us to force read bad sectors from damaged laptop hard drives . We have a high success rate with recovering data from corrupted sectors laptop HDD’s.