Data Recovery Portsmouth

Data Recovery

19 Computing specialize in data recovery, as well as our in store laptop & pc repairs. Our Portsmouth store can recover most data on even the most corrupted hard drives. As long as the drive is still spinning we can normally recover the majority of your data at a much cheaper price than companies who require you to send the drive to them. We offer a fast diagnosis and can normally identify the quantity of recoverable data within 48 hours.


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19 Computing have a simple mission: to provide exceptional data recovery services and remarkable value. We know how devastating it can be to lose data and how much of an adverse effect it can have on a person’s day-to-day life. This is why we not only offer the most affordable data recovery in the UK, but offer quick turnaround times and an outstanding experience for each and every one of our customers too!

What truly sets us apart from other companies in our price range is the quality of service we are able to offer! Rapid Data Recovery have access to the latest technology and our in-house research and development team ensure that we’re fully conversant with all types of storage media and the most current and innovative recovery techniques.

We Recover Data From All of these Devices

Internal Hard Drive

If your hard drive has failed then chances are your data is no longer accessible. Whether the drive is not detecting at all, clicking, not powering or perhaps just not finding the partition any more, we can help.

External Hard Drives

We often get external drives in for data recovery when they have been dropped as due to the nature of their portability this is often the case. Whether your drive has been dropped or not, whether it is being detected at all, not powering or perhaps clicking we can get your data recovered.


We offer a full range of server data recovery options. Perhaps your RAID configuration has failed or maybe you have been extremely lucky and had multiple drives fail in a RAID configuration. Or perhaps no RAID but drive failure again we can help.

Phone and Tablet

Need data recovering from your Mobile Phone or Tablet? We can help. Whether you have accidently erased your data or perhaps your mobile device is no longer working, we can recover that all important data for you.


If your PC or laptop no longer boots it is often due to a hard drive failure. Simply bring the laptop or pc to our store and we will attempt recovery of the data first. We will then offer you repair options to bring your machine back to life.

USB Stick

USB Stick failed in operation, or even if its been snapped in half we have a high success rate of recovery.
On less disastorous hard drive failures we simply charge a fixed fee of £39.95. If it becomes apparent the problem is more serious or we need to send it to a clean room we will advise all costs before you proceed.

My iPhone had an issue with the charging port, needed it replaced, spoke to them day before, took it following day and they said it would take up to two hours and it was done in an hour. Highly recommended very good service and fast fix.

Taiyeb Kayum

Job well done, 19 computing were quick to look at my failed pc which had irreplaceable photos stored on it. They managed to recover over 90%. Considering the drive had nearly failed completely and i had been quoted £500 upwards elsewhere and i paid a mere £39.95 I was most impressed.

C Hughes Fratton

The hard drive in my server failed. The server still powered but the drive had a lot of important data on it. 19 Computing managed to get it recovered and I was back up and running next day.

D Travis